Breast Cancer:
Oncologic and reconstructive surgery
  • Nipple sparing mastectomies, quadrantectomies, axillary linfonodes dissection and sentinel node biopsy
  • Bilateral breast reshaping after conservative surgery
  • Traditional breast reconstruction with implants or tissue expanders
  • Pre-pectoral immediate breast reconstruction with ADM + implant
  • Breast implant revision after radiotherapy using ADM
  • Breast implant revision after implant rupture
  • Reduction mammoplasty or mastopexy for contralateral breast symmetry
  • Breast reconstruction using pedicled flaps (LD or TRAM flap)
  • Nipple and areola reconstruction
  • Fat grafting for secondary surgery

The final program can be changed, depending on the patient’s recruitment.

Scientific Directors:

  • Mario Rietjens
  • Paolo Veronesi

Scientific Coordinators:

  • Francesca De Lorenzi
  • Viviana Galimberti

Honour remote Invited Faculty:

  • Jean Yves Petit (FR)

Remote Invited Faculty:

  • Benigno Acea (ES)
  • Fabrizio Brenelli (BR)
  • Marco Klinger (IT)
  • Regis Paulinelli (BR)
  • Virgilio Sacchini (USA)
  • Cicero Urban (BR)

Breast Cancer surgeons (IEO):

  • Pietro Caldarella
  • Viviana Galimberti
  • Mattia Intra
  • Paolo Veronesi

Plastic surgery surgeons (IEO):

  • Benedetta Barbieri
  • Manuela Bottoni
  • Giulia Colombo
  • Francesca De Lorenzi
  • Cristina Garusi
  • Alessandra Gottardi
  • Mario Rietjens